The Librarian Meets the Collector


A new episode of the Vampire Historian Podcast is now available.

Listen here – The Librarian Meets the Collector

In Episode 2, “The Librarian Meets the Collector,” I, the librarian, talk about the works of J. Gordon Melton, the author that has compiled some of the most important vampire reference works in the English language. I had the pleasure of meeting Professor Melton over Spring Break, and I will be writing about that meeting, as well as my meeting with author and folklorist Michael Bell, on the Vamped website at


Before I give links to the books mentioned in the podcast, I wanted to mention my Kickstarter project. I have a very modest project going on, only until April 1st, so that I can purchase some better audio equipment and a few more research materials for the episodes. If you are willing and able, please visit and donate here – The Vampire Historian Podcast

Books mentioned in the podcast by J. Gordon Melton:

The Vampire Book: The Encyclopedia of the Undead, 2nd edition

The Vampire Book: The Encyclopedia of the Undead, 3rd edition

The Vampire Book:The Encyclopedia of the Undead, 3rd edition (abridged)

The Vampire Gallery: A Whos’ Who of the Undead

VideoHounds Vampires on Video

The Vampire in Folklore,History,  Literature, Film and Television: A Comprehensive Bibliography

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