Space City Comic Con with Michael Welch


A new episode of the podcast is up.

Listen Here – Space City Comic Con with Michael Welch

Memorial Day Weekend I attended the Space City Comic Con in Houston, and had a chance to speak with actor Michael Welch from the Twilight movies, in addition to meeting a few other people.

Author Kevin A. Ranson’s Matriarch Vampires series can be found here –

Author Elaine Barris’ romance fiction can be found here –

Actor Danny Trejo’s twitter feed –

Actor Adrian Paul’s twitter feed –
Adrian was actually in the 1991 reboot of Dark Shadows

Actor Michael Welch’s twitter feed –


Podcast Episode 7: The Scholars Meet the Fangsmith


Episode 7 of the Vampire Historian Podcast is now available.

Listen Here – The Scholars Meet the Fangsmith

Recently, Professor Gordon Melton and I met with fang maker Father Sebastiaan in Dallas. We even attended the Vampire Salon. This episode is a quick recap of the evening.

One of the things that Father Sebastiaan is working on is a new YouTube show on vampire legends. You can find his channel here – Vampire World TV

You can find Father Sebastiaan online here – Father Sebastiaan



Podcast Day & News


Welcome to International Podcast Day! In this episode I discuss some of my favorite podcasts, as well as some upcoming changes to this podcast.

Podcast Day & News

Also, Dr. Melton’s new bibliography is finally out. Order one today!

The Vampire in Folklore, History, Literature, Film and Television: A Comprehensive Bibliography


And don’t forget about the Vampire Studies Symposium coming up in Texas on Halloween –

Here are the podcasts I mentioned:


The Black Tapes Podcast

Faculty of Horror

Welcome to Night Vale