Interview with Joseph Laycock


In this special Halloween episode, I talk with Dr. Joseph Laycock, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at Texas State University about his new book, the Penguin Book of Exorcisms, as well as his works on vampires, D&D, and other aspects of religious studies. You can find all of his books at Amazon.


Interview with Kevin J. Anderson


In this episode, I talk with prolific author Kevin J. Anderson about his new novel “Stake,” as well as his career writing for series like Star Wars, Dune, the X-Files, and more. You can find Kevin’s books at, and find out more at or

We mentioned in the episode about the time I met him at a convention. This was actually in 2014, and here is the photographic evidence (bad hair on my part) to prove it!

Interview with Juliet Landau


In this very special episode, I virtually sat down with actor/director Juliet Landau to talk about her new film A Place Among the Dead, which will be released at the end of October. This is a shorter interview due to her busy schedule, so we mainly focus on the new film. Not much time for Buffy-talk in this episode.

Be sure to check out the film later this month. All of the dates and links to buy tickets for the shows that Juliet mentions can be found in one place. Right here –

You can also find her on Instagram – and Facebook –

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