World Dracula Day – Mini-sode

My personal collection of Dracula editions.

My personal collection of Dracula editions.

Happy World Dracula Day! Here is a special mini-sode of the Vampire Historian Podcast.

Listen above, or click here – World Dracula Day Mini-sode

Here are the books mentioned in the podcast:

Dracula (Norton Critical Editions) – David J. Skal & Nina Auerbach

The Historian – Elizabeth Kostova

Dracula: the Undead – Dacre Stoker and Ian Holt

Dracula: Sense and Nonsense – Elizabeth Miller

Bram Stokers Notes on Dracula – Elizabeth Miller and Robert Eighteen-Bisang, eds.

Dracula: the Novel and the Legend – Clive Leatherdale

Bram Stoker’s Dracula: the Critical Feast – John Edgar Browning, ed.

The Forgotten Writings of Bram Stoker – John Edgar Browning, ed.

Dracula in Visual Media – John Edgar Browning and Caroline Joan Picart

The Romance of Dracula – Charles E. Butler

The Faces of Dracula – Dax Stokes (article at IndieJudge, pp. 56-59)

How I Spent Spring Break – Dax Stokes (article at Vamped)


Austria Meets the Vampires


A new episode of the Vampire Historian Podcast is now available.

Listen above, or clcik here – Austria Meets the Vampires

In Episode 5, I discuss the first of two Serbian vampire cases from the 18th century, that of Peter Plogojowitz.

The only book mentioned in this episode is:

Paul Barber – Vampires, Burial, and Death: Folklore and Reality

Here is one of the flyers for the symposium:


St. George Meets the Volcano


A new episode of the Vampire Historian Podcast is now available.

Listen here – St. George Meets the Volcano

In Episode 4, I discuss some of the interesting information surrounding the feast of St. George in Eastern Europe, and also the eruption of Mount Tambora and it’s impact on vampire fiction.


Villa Diodati

St. George and the Dragon

Here are some of the books mentioned in the episode:

Emily Gerard – Transylvanian Superstitions

Emily Gerard – Land Beyond the Forest

Paul Barber – Vampires, Burial, and Death

Jan Perkowski – Vampire Lore

Petr Bogatyarev – Vampires in the Carpathians

Alan Dundes – The Vampire: a Casebook

Montague Summers – The Vampire Europe

Here is the link to the symposium –