Interview with David J. Skal


Listen above, or click here – Interview with David J. Skal

This episode is an interview with author and film historian David J, Skal. His new book “Something in the Blood: The Untold Story of Bram Stoker” is now available.

You can find David online at The Monster Show or on Facebook

Here are some of his books:

Hollywood Gothic: the Tangled World of Dracula from Novel to Stage to Queen The Monster Show: A Cultural History of Horror
Romancing the Vampire: Collector’s Vault Dracula: Norton Critical Edition
Halloween: The History of America’s Darkest Holiday
Something in the Blood: the Untold Story of Bram Stoker, the Man Who Wrote Dracula




Interview with Jess Peacock


Listen above, or click here – Interview with Jess Peacock

This very special episode is an extended interview with Jess Peacock, author of “Such a Dark Thing: Theology of the Vampire Narrative in Popular Culture.” I highly suggest you purchase his book now if you are at all interested in the connections between vampires and Christianity in literature, television, and film.

Such a Dark Thing: Theology of the Vampire Narrative in Popular Culture


October 2016 News & Updates

A new podcast episode!
Listen above, or click here – October 2016 News & Updates

In this episode I talk about some of the current vampire-related news, including new and upcoming books; the World Dracula Congress; the Halloween Bran Castle contest with Airbnb; the new Vampire World Documentary trailer from Father Sebastiaan; and a teaser for another Texas symposium in 2017.

Some links:

Interview with Father Sebastiaan


A new episode of The Vampire Historian Podcast is now available.

Listen above, or click Here – Interview with Father Sebastiaan

On Sunday, October 2nd, the date of Dallas’ second Vampire World event, I sat down with fangsmith Father Sebastiaan.

You can find his YouTube channel here – Vampire World TV

You can find Father Sebastiaan online here – Father Sebastiaan


Father Sebastiaan puts finishing touches on a set of fangs.