Greetings from the Vampire Historian. My name is Dax Stokes, and I am an academic reference librarian researching the origins of vampire lore and legend in Eastern Europe, especially in Christianity.  I also keep up with the vampire in popular culture. This blog is a companion to my podcast, also called “The Vampire Historian,” which debuted in March 2015. The podcast and the blog cover vampires in folklore, history, literature, television and film.

Over the past few years, I have presented almost 20 lectures on vampires and Dracula in the North Texas area. Lecture topics include:

The Real Dracula: Separating Vlad the Impaler from the Fictional Count
From Vlad the Impaler to Edward Cullen: Origins of the 21st Century Vampire in Myth, Literature, Television, and Film
Vampires in 19th Century British Literature
Killing the Dead: Burial Practices in Eastern Europe from the 1500s to Today

My article “The Faces of Dracula” can be found in the Vampire Edition of IndieJudge

My former blog was killingthedead.wordpress.com

Email me at thevampirehistorian@gmail.com





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